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  • Heartland- "Heartland is an interdisciplinary project which reflects on the visual culture, art and music of the heart of the United States. The Heartland project consists of a group exhibition in the Van Abbemuseum together with a musical programme in the Muziekcentrum. It will also include ancillary events, such as debates, lectures, a photo exhibition, publications, and an artists in residence programme."

  • Michael Riedel, Filmed Film, David Zwirner Gallery- "From 1999 to 2002, over forty hours of video footage were recorded in an effort to film existing films and to capture, incidentally, the circumstances of their screening/viewing...Chiefly interested in the natural disruptions and imperfections, Riedel allows predetermined factors to dictate the project. For example, the length of the recording tape and the battery-life of the camera determine the length of the artist's works. Thus, the original film and the filmed version are rarely identical in length; most of the films end inside a camera bag and some start even before the original film has begun. All of the works were shot in color-mode and with sound, so otherwise defining characteristics of the original film such as "black-and-white" or "silent" are rendered inconsequential."

  • Venice Biennale 2008- Three part series covering the Venice Biennale of Architecture from Wallpaper*. The 2008 theme is "Out There: Architecture Beyond Building" and author Jonathan Bell explores the use of digital technology and green design in this year's exhibits.