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  • Experimental Geography - Traveling Independent Curators International (iCI) exhibition "Experimental Geography" premieres this week at the Richard E. Peeler Art Center in Greencastle, Indiana. The group show explores "the distinctions between geographical study and artistic experience of the earth, as well as the juncture where the two realms collide and possibly make a new field altogether." Rhizome's Executive Director Lauren Cornell conducted an in-depth interview with curator Nato Thompson about "Experimental Geography" a few months ago for the blog.

  • John Bock: Palms at REDCAT in Los Angeles- This looks amazing: "Gravitating more recently towards multi-media works, Bock's new project, Palms, co-commissioned by REDCAT and the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, reflects the artist's current interest in the narrative structure and genre conventions of film. The film noir-inspired, feature-length work follows two German killers as they navigate the landscape of Southern California from iconic Schindler and Neutra residences in Los Angeles to sleepy old town bars in Twentynine Palms and the formidable landscape of Joshua Tree National Park. For its U.S. premiere at REDCAT, Palms will be presented in the context of an expansive sculptural environment with new three-dimensional work."

  • "Amplified Intimacies" by Interstices at OBORO in Montreal- "In order to explore the poetic and sensual potential of the emerging proxemics between bodies, places and machine, the exhibition Amplified Intimacies looks closely at the interpersonal spaces that are increasingly sculpted by digital technologies. The exhibition brings together a range of different kinds of work, from site specific installations to interactive pieces with physical interfaces -- taken from such varied fields as media arts, experimental architecture, fashion design, and interactive game design."