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  • Memory Cloud at Trafalgar Square, project supported by ICA London- "For three evenings in October, a new interactive smoky communication will be underway in central London - one that combines a very modern medium with a 5,000-year-old one. In Memory Cloud, visitors can text any message they like to the artists' creation, and that phone message will be made into light-and-air smoke signals and huge in Trafalgar Square. This new exploration of personal expression in public spaces is from Minimaforms, founded in 2002 by brothers Stephen and Theodore Spyropoulos as an experimental architecture and design practice that explores projects that provoke and facilitate new means of communication."

  • Interstitial Zones: Historical Facts, Archaeologies of the Present and Dialectics of Seeing at Argos- "Interstitial Zones offers a critical alternative or opposing space, with the work of fifteen artists that have sought out the crooks and crannies of post-war history that the mass media never reveal. The topics are diverse: The Red Army Faction or RAF, George Bush's inaugural speech, the Clinton-Lewinsky affair, 9/11, Iraq, the extra-legal regime of the Guantánamo Bay detention centre, the assault on Salvador Allende, the Gaza conflict, religious suicide attacks and so on. These specific historic events could equally be exchanged for others. The meta-narrative breaking up of the mechanisms of media representation and seeking out intervals make up the starting point of the exhibition. These intervals manifest themselves, for example, in voice-overs detached from the visual presentation, interchanging multiple time spans and the use of black or white monochrome images."

  • manuel vazquez- Photographs from the series "Traces" by Manuel Vazquez on i heart photograph. From the artist's statement: "This project researches the visual traces that are left in public places. In our daily lives we dwell in public spaces, where our journeys are filmed and stored as CCTV records. The omnipresence of the gaze of surveillance turns the city into a spectacle, and us into actors....Traces looks at the city as a theatrical scenario created with those visual codes, a 'theatrum mundi' . Here, each image is a montage of single photographs where the "mise en scène" is deliberated, composed, and where the deep black canvas is an allegory to the city where commuters are continuously under the spotlight."