Expand your mind...

....with Expanded Video!

Electronic Arts Intermix's one-day conference, Expanded Video, will take place tomorrow afternoon at their location on West 22nd Street in Chelsea. Composed of two panels -- one on "Exhibiting" and the other on "Collecting" -- the event brings together leading curators, conservationists, gallerists and artists in the field of media art to discuss the movement of moving image across multiple platforms (most notably, digital) and the significance this shift bears on medium-specificity, viewing, conservation and copyright. Rhizome's own Lauren Cornell and Ed Halter will speak, along with independent curator Caitlin Jones, Whitney Curator Chrissie Illes, Joan Jonas, Jacob Ciocci, Glenn Philips of the Getty Research Institute, Jenny Moore of Elizabeth Dee Gallery, Christopher Eamon of the Kramlich Collection, and Rebecca Cleman of EAI.

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