Artzilla is live!


At the beginning of the month, I mentioned the upcoming launch of Artzilla on the blog, but now the site, devoted exclusively to experimental Firefox extensions, is officially live. Already in their first week, they've featured some neat projects, like Rolltube by Theo Watson that switches every YouTube video into Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up". Also by Watson is Tourette Machine which randomly adds swear words to your text areas and form fields. Similarly disorienting, Jaka ┼Żeleznikar's Razorganizator / Disorganiser abstracts images on webpages until the original page is entirely obscured. Unfortunately, Artzilla's page design itself seems to incorporate this same bent towards confusion and chaos, which conceptually might have some merit, but in reality makes it almost impossible for visitors to navigate and access the projects they feature. I suggest you subscribe via RSS and avoid the jumble of 10,000 scroll bars.

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