Craft Hackers Tomorrow Night at the New Museum

Join us for this month's New Silent Series event, Craft Hackers, at the New Museum tomorrow night at 7:30PM. The panel discussion will bring together artists who explore high-tech culture using crafting techniques as well as the relationship between needlework and computer programming. Panelists include Cat Mazza, who translates moving images into stills knit in yarn; Christy Matson, who uses Jacquard Looms (some of the earliest computers) to knit landscape images from computer games; Ben Fino-Radin, whose witty needlepoint sculptures translate the World Wide Web into yarn and plastic, one pixel at a time; and Cody Trepte, whose embroidery of retired computer punch cards rekindles an old-fashioned love affair with the hand of the artist. The talk will be moderated by Marisa Olson. Not to be missed!

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