OOZing: A Public Workshop with Natalie Jeremijenko

Set up by artist Natalie Jerimijenko, the Ooz project is a non-traditional rest area for animals that stands in contrast to the nearby Bronx Zoo. Notably free of cages, Ooz is a place where, according to the artist, animals remain "by choice" and is designed to encourage new kinds of human/animal interaction. On Thursday evening, Jerimijenko will tackle a different but related topic: how urban dwellers can engage with a whole new set of species she claims will soon be living in close proximity. Jeremijenko lists coyote, luna moths, rhinoceros, beetles, raccoons and wild turkey as among the new arrivals that will force humans to rethink biodiversity and the kind of environmental services that are needed. The workshop will take place at the Van Alen Institute in New York City and the organizers request that attendees RSVP to torvsp[AT]vanalen.org by the end of today.

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