Fire it up! Turbulence Commissions New Firefox Extension "Tumbarumba" and F.A.T. Introduce Firefox Extension Blog ""

Today, Turbulence announced a new commission by Ethan Ham and Benjamin Rosenbaum. Titled Tumbarumba, this Firefox extension allows the user to uncover twelve stories while surfing the web. Like a series of hidden doors, the user must discern the entry into a text via its apparent absurdity. By clicking through this outlier text, the story appears bit by bit. The project carries over elements from hypertext fiction, but through its implementation as a Firefox application, it becomes more firmly embedded in the user's overall browsing experience.


Firefox extension projects have picked up more recently, one of my favorites continues to be Steve Lambert's Add Art. (Incidentally, also a Rhizome Commission.) For the Firefox-extension aficionado, F.A.T. will launch "" next week, a collection/blog dedicated to experimental Firefox add-ons. They're kicking the blog off on December 13th with an exhibition by Aram Bartholl, Dragan Espenschied, Evan Roth, Theo Watson, Jamie Wilkinson, Timo Klok, and Tobias Leingruber at Worm Rotterdam. Once running, will definitely be worth checking out.