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  • View of Barack Obama's Speech at Invesco Field in Denver (from the New York Times)- I don't think the television broadcast of Obama's speech last night accurately captured the sheer immensity of the crowd. This interactive feature (a QuickTime VR file) by the New York Times provides a 360 degree view of the Invesco Field from the perspective of an attendee.

  • 2008 Presidential Election in the Blogosphere- information aesthetics discuss perspctv "an online information dashboard that summarizes & graphs the Internet activity relating to the 2008 presidential elections, in an attempt to compare the similarities & the disparities between the mainstream media & user-generated content."

  • EcoArtTech's "Externalities: Wilderness and its Others"- On September 5 from 7pm to 10pm at OTO, EcoArtTech (Christine Nadir & Cary Peppermint) will "continue to rethink relations between humans, technics, technology, and the environment with Externalities: Wilderness and its Others a networked, video-based performance piece."

  • Michael Snow: So Is This / Manifesta 7, Fortezza / Franzensfeste- Video documentation of Michael Snow's So Is This by VernissageTV from Manifesta 7. So Is This is "a silent film of 45 minutes consisting of single words of this script or score placed on the screen one by one, one after another, for specific lengths of time."