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  • Back from Beijing: James Powderly of Graffiti Research Lab (from Rocketboom)- Joanne from Rocketboom interviews James Powderly of Graffiti Research Lab regarding his recent arrest and detainment in Beijing.

  • Mare Tralla Performances (from Art Research Communication)-"Mare Tralla will undertake a series of live easel painting performances, 'tracking the movements' of CCTV cameras throughout Edinburgh. The artist evokes this 16th century tradition, which set painters free from the constraints of working on walls or fixed, architectural schemes and increased the social and intellectual status of the individual artist."

  • Saturday, September 6, 8 pm Panel Discussion: Differences in Attitudes about Performance from the 1970s to Today with Marina Abramovic, Amanda Coogan, and Chrissie Iles (from Artists Space)

  • Matt Shlian - Everything, Everything (from dataisnature)- "Matt Shlian's large ballpoint pen drawings are refined outputs of personal human computation system."