New Technology Department at Rhizome

We're pleased to announce that we have put in place a new, expanded technology department at Rhizome. Our previous Director of Technology, Patrick May, resigned in May after turning the Rhizome website into a more sustainable and stronger platform for future development. In July, we hired Nick Hasty to replace him. Formerly Technology Assistant at Rhizome and a recent graduate of New York University's Interactive Technology Program, Hasty proved his excellent programming skills through various projects at Rhizome, including the creation of widgets, and, outside of this position, through his artwork which blends analog circuitry with digital technology and sound.

In August, Jordan Greene was hired as Technology Consultant; he will work part-time to assist in the completion of technology projects. Greene graduated from Duke University in 2006 and has since worked as a programmer and consultant at Stanford Hospitals and Clinic and Datran Media.

Over the next year, this new expanded technology department will work to upgrade existing resources, such as the ArtBase, and implement new projects that expand and confirm Rhizome's mission and support our membership.