Links 8.11.08
Frank Zadlo, Blockbuster, 2008, melted VHS tapes, 3'x1.5'x1'
Frank Zadlo, Through The Eyes Of A Predator. 11:45 (01:32 excerpt). 2008. all of the point-of-view shots of the Predator in slow-motion, from Predator (1987)
Two works by artist Frank Zadlo. Via Martijn Hendriks' delicious.

The "Endless Accident Events" of Los Angeles
BLDGBLOG discuss artist Luther Thie'a proposal "LA Interchange" which would "install a 'gigantic public water fountain' at the intersection of L.A.'s Harbor and Santa Monica Freeways -- and then use the fountain's water supply as a way to graph traffic accidents and fatalities occurring on highways throughout the greater L.A. area."

Artists by the river Paiva: August, 16th @ Nodar
Four artists -- Viv Corringham, Lezli Rubin-Kunda, Jurate Jarulyte Weiss, and Francisco Janes -- from Binaural's Nodar Artist Residency Program will present their projects in and around the rural village of Nodar in Portugal.

Norwegian Trio Saevik/Brevik/Gunia this Monday
Tonight at 6:30PM, New York City digital media arts center Harvestworks will host a performance/presentation by three Norwegian ambient sound artists.