Video 2.0

The Video Vortex project is an initiative organized by a consortium of organizations (including Amsterdam-based Montevideo, the Institute of Network Cultures and Argos, Brussels) to consider the democratic ideals espoused by the rhetoric of Web 2.0 culture, in relationship to video art and production. Montevideo has presented two exhibitions on the theme and their show Video Vortex 2 (up now through February 3rd) features the work of Johan Grimonprez & Charlotte Leouzon, Martijn Hendriks, Jaap de Jonge, Meta.Live.Nu presents DFM RTV INT, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Oog Volkskrant Online, Park 4DTV, Rabotnik, Sonic()bject, Martin Takken, and Thomson & Craighead. The overall initiative seeks to bring a historical slant to the utopian discourse of openness and sharing associated with 2.0 media, and the installations, a series of artist talks, and a conference on January 18th will compare work in newer media to important work in radio, tv, and other 'old' platforms. In addition to the presentation and discussion of art, the Video Vortex workspace offers an orientation to FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source Software) and admission to Montevideo comes with a free USB stick, so that viewers can take the resources home with them. If you can't make it to Amsterdam, you can also become Curator For One Day, via the web, and organize your own online interpretation of the show's source material. This certainly seems like a realization of the fantasy of a democratic art practice. - Marisa Olson