A New Play-List

Video games have recently been the subject of a number of new media art works and exhibitions, but the element of 'play' is often overlooked in discourses about games. In the UK, the Game/Play exhibition strives to add to ongoing art-world conversations about 'the rhetorical constructs game and play.' Via the magic of network technology, the show is now simultaneously on view at both Derby's Q Arts Gallery and London's HTTP Gallery, through the first week of September. It includes sixteen works, in total, including three commissioned works by Mary Flanagan, Low Brow Trash, and Simon Poulter. Among these sixteen are internet-based work, installations, independent games, and other interactive works and live performances. The show's blog links to the online work and a downloadable PDF of a fully illustrated catalogue featuring twenty commissioned essays from 'respected writers in the field of critically positioned independent gaming and playculture.' The blog also provides a platform for conversation about games and play. It's refreshing to see this show bringing so many new artists' voices to game art discussions, and now you can add your own. - Irene Wu