Geeky in Pink

Considering that a lady (Ada Lovelace) was at the back end of the first computer program, there has always been a certain hope that computing would shake up the Man vs. Machine conundrum. Instead it spawned a new brand of male: the geek. The latest project to place this fellow in its crosshairs is linux virgin which, though it launches officially today, received so many hits in its preview stage that it has already crashed its host server twice. Created by and starring Columbia M.F.A. students Klara Hobza and Trish Maud, linux virgin's five-clip miniseries features 'Mistress Koyo' schooling young 'Karla Grundick' in how to build a computer with a linux operating system. Montages of the girls tinkering with computer parts and fooling with circuitry make for a pseudo-steamy spoof of traditional geekdom. And (as if teasing weren't enough), our stereotypically loveless geek has been type-cast in the role of voyeur as 'Roy' (Ronnie Bass) their peeping tom neighbor who stares with rapt, motionless attention into a video camera pointed at them. Poor Roy, he may be the face of computer programming but it looks like the girls are having much more fun. - Lauren Cornell