A Friendly Game of Quake

If you sit down to play a round of Quake, chances are you're going to get your head blown off. That's exactly what artist Joseph Delappe envisioned would happen with his latest project, 'Quake Friends.' With 5 others, Delappe entered the networked game as a character named 'Rachel,' and along with collaborators, Joey, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, and Monica, acted out an episode of the long-running sitcom, 'Friends.' Using gamespace as virtual performance space, Delappe and friends kept playing, with the goal of enacting the entire script, even as they were blown up along the way. By bringing the Must See TV cast on to Quake's killing floor, Delappe's work used simple creative changes for semiotic results. -- Jonah Brucker-Cohen