Attack On New York--'World Views' Residencies Lost

New York City is in a state of shock today, after Tuesday's disastrous attacks on the World Trade Center. Concerned emails poured in today, asking about the status of Rhizome and our community. The Rhizome office, located in the SoHo neighborhood of Lower Manhattan, was not physically affected by the attack. All Rhizome staffers have been accounted for and are safe. One Rhizome consultant, who lives two blocks from the attack site, was fortunately not in the area at the time of the attack. The Rhizome web server went down on Tuesday morning, blocking Rhizome Raw and staff email for approximately four hours. The downtime was an apparent side effect of the attack, but no concrete connection has been established. Communications via the Rhizome network are now functioning normally. The World Views artist residencies, a program of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, were housed inside the World Trade Center, and have been lost. It has not yet been reported if any World Views artists or administrators have been injured in the attack.