An event on the alliance of ART - SCIENCE - TECHNOLOGY in the celebration of
" La Science en Fete " in Caen, Basse-Normandy, France

For the exposition we are searching internationaly for Videos, CD-Roms,
adresses of appropriate WWW - .http - sites that focus on the collaboration
of the arts, sciences and electronic ...


A web site is being set up for FUTUREsonic that will present selections of
images, video, text and music representative of the event.

Participants are invited to send contributions to

FUTUREsonic - music and technology ...

It's tough to get any genuinely innovative art done on the Web. The
technical limitations of the medium present challenges many artists welcome
but few successfully overcome. But there are no technical obstacles to
getting solid art criticism out onto the Web, and in fact, if the WWW has
been ...

The discussion between Paul Warren and Andreas Broeckmann is sort of difficult
for me to enter, as I am a writer, and one of those theory people who can appear
to be blocking the development of the work they think they are trying to
promote. But the issues are tremendous ...

Paul Warren ( wrote:

computer culture artists: a new type of folk art?

Donald Kuspit chose not to write about Larry Auerbach's work. While
it may seem odd, or even a bit self-depreciating to say this as the
curator, Larry's exclusion from the essay did not surprise me ...

****************************** Wiretap 2.6 *******************************
Museums and the Internet

Date: ……………………………………… Sunday afternoon June 30
Time: …………………….. open from 13.00hrs - start program 14.00hrs
Location: …………….. V2_Organisatie - Eendrachtsstraat 10 - Rotterdam
Admission: …………………………………………………… free

Many museums are in the process of starting up various activities in
relation to the Internet as a ...

CIBER@RT'96: First International Conference on Virtual Reality


November 4-7, 1996
Valencia, Spain.

Ciber@RT '96 is an annual international conference that has risen from
the need of creating a space open for discussion and reflexion about
the non-stopping evolution of New Technologies and its relation to ...

"Living in Europe, I shouldn't need a T1 to access ZerO News,
especially considering that it's located on a site justifiably priding
itself on all it's done in the name of public access. But the large
Public Netbase icons slow the whole navigation process to a crawl."

In this ...

In his essay, "_Wired_ Unplugged", Mark Dery, author and culture jammer, quotes
Jordan Crandall quoting a magazine advertisement:

"Miming disembodied hyperkinesis, _Wired_ simulates a simulation—the immersive
virtuality promised by a recent NEC ad, which declared, 'Everything you know
about multimedia is about to change. And fast. Call it "virtual reality" ...

The introductory essay by Donald Kuspit for the FuturelessFuture web art
exhibition ( has been published on the web and is
now available with source material hyperlinks at:

Here are some highlights from the essay:

"Unsettling historically settled ...

Among other things, my recent attendance at 5Cyberconf in Madrid reminded
me that the responsibility for interpretation lies not only with the critic
and curator, but also with the artist.

Making art is, among other things, signifying. As artists, we must take
responsibility for the significance of the messages we ...

mem_brane event on 5 July 1996, 19.30 hrs:

Media Art Aggregates

A discussion on the working conditions in the field of critical media art

There is a welcome slow-down in the current media discourse. The
hype-driven tendency towards futurologist speculations about technological
developments is replaced by inquiry and hesitation ...

_Mediascape_ at the Guggenheim Museum in Soho is a disappointment. It
suffers from an overabundance of works that say very little. A word of
caution: upon entering the Guggenheim, do not become ensnared in the
misplaced logic of Nam June Paik's human trap, _Megatron_. This work
affirms the fact that ...

This painintheneck is an appeal to writers to "learn the tools." Too many people,
especially in Germany, seem to be talking and writing about new media without
being actively involved. Even sadder, some people are working for the new media
industry as mere suppliers of intellectual raw material. Because ...

Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain
261 boulevard Raspil 75014 Paris

In 'by night', the sleepy hours between sunset and dawn are explored
through the art of 80 artists ranging from Lewis Carol , Victor Hugo,
Brassi, Henri Michaux, Felician Ropes, Weegee up to Bill Viola, Larry
Clark, Nan Goldin and Christian ...

3 most important institutions for New Media Art in Norway are:

Kunstakademiet i Trondheim (KIT) has a dep artment for INTERMEDIA

The important guy there is Jeremy Welsh. He has just applied ...