“Performed Listening” by Marisa Olson at OTO

On Friday November 9th from 7pm to 10pm, Over The Opening is pleased to present “Performed Listening” by Marisa Olson

Marisa Olson’s work often grows out of fan culture and her Performed
Listening series explores the relationship between performer and
spectator by underscoring the performativity of listening and
watching. Began as a series of seemingly-silent performances in which
Olson would listen to music on headphones, in a public context, the
series has evolved into performances that sometimes incorporate other
spectators and an expanded series of videos. In these tapes of Olson
listening to music, the visual qualities are modified according to the
sonic elements of the music being listened to.

For her exhibition, Olson installs two previous works from the
Performed Listening series: “Easy Listening” (2005) and “Black and
White” (2006). Olson also debuts “Performed Listening: H” (2007). In
this new work, video of the artist listening to the Velvet
Underground’s song, Heroin, is distorted by an analog “colorizer.”

Marisa Olson’s work (http://marisaolson.com) has recently been presented by
the Whitney Museum, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, the 52nd
Biennale di Venezia, the Pacific Film Archive, Postmasters Gallery,
and the New York Underground Film Festival.

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