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Invitation to Contribute

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 9, 2009, midnight

Artists Tara Rebele (USA), Miljana Peric (Serbia) and Suzon Fuks (Australia) invite you to contribute to and participate in a new work commissioned for the 090909 UpStage Festival, a curated cyberformance event for live online audiences and proximal audiences at RL venues around the world to take place on September 9, 2009.

The piece is a poetic, abstract, participatory performance. Part live intermedia cyberformance exquisite corpse, part virtual poetic installation, this work will explore the poetic, lyrical, polyvocal, participatory possibilities of the UpStage venue–collaging visuals, sound, text and live audience participation. Text and media contributions will be collected, produced for UpStage, and added to the mashup in the live event. These elements, along with the live audience's textual contributions, will be as necessary as the artists' in the creation of an ephemeral, interactive, poetic, performance installation in UpStage. While the work will be presented multiple times during the festival, each instance of its existence will be irreproducible. This work explores the online venue and virtual space, as an art-poem space–always everywhere and nowhere– and the duration (20:09) as an ellipsis. This is a piece to collectively inhabit and create, a poetic experience, installation and/or poem, based in and on its own becoming.

Live audiences on September 9th will be able to participate in the piece via the UpStage venue's text chat window; however, media to appear on the stage must be produced for the venue in advance. The artists are seeking contributions of text, image, sound, and small animation or Quicktime video files for inclusion in the
piece. Each contribution should be thought of as a single element in a game of exquisite corpse.


The artists invite you to contribute:

-A line, fragment, phrase, word, etc. of text in any form (typed in body of email, contained in a digital image file, spoken, or otherwise sonically rendered, etc.)

-A digital image file (jpeg or png)

-Sound files (mp3)

-Small Flash animations (.swf or.fla, accepted in limited numbers) *

-Quicktime (we can accept a very limited number of QT files)**

All digital files should be 1 MB or less.

Email contributions (or a link to your file) to:

contribute at tararebele dot com

* UpStage is a Flash-based venue with with its own particularities for serving Flash animation files (for example: movie clips will continually loop if placed on frame one of an animation, but may not function if placed on later frames in the timeline; animations in UpStage can function as loops or be advanced manually frame by frame, etc.). If you would like to submit a Flash animation that you have not already produced, you may email us for UpStage-specific production tips. We will do our best to successfully adapt submitted animation files to the venue's specifications.

**UpStage is a Flash-based venue with limited video capabilities at this time. Please email in advance if you would like to contribute Quicktime video so the artists can work with you to determine how to best integrate or adapt your media contribution.


Alex Nodopaka July 24 2009 23:38Reply

If the contribution is an AVI recited stanza, must it also be under 1MG? Basically I intend Barbie to ask Buddha whether he still walks the earth to which he responds, No I only Twitter now… rotflmao