Pixelache 2006 Helsinki - preliminary program info!

  • Type: event
  • Starts: Mar 30 2006 at 12:00AM
Here is some preliminary program information
about Pixelache Helsinki… More details
will be announced soon!

Also check out www.malaupixel.org for info
about the Mal au Pixel Paris…

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PixelACHE 2006
30 March - 2 April, Helsinki
Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art

Mal au Pixel 2006
19 - 29 Avril, Paris
Ars Longa, Confluences, Mains d'Ouvres

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VJ culture & audiovisual performances section features MiniMovies, a brand
new project by AGF & Sue Costabile (US + Germany). AGF and Sue Costabile
are both young multi-disciplinary creators with their activities extending
from conceptual art to establishing independent record labels. MiniMovies
is their first large scale collaboration, 'a collection of mini-lives in
an urban and political context'.
"Everybody is a disaster. Let's make our own movies."

To celebrate our French connection with Mal au Pixel Paris, we present two
projects from France: a abstract audiovisual performance ChDh (Cyrille
Henry & Nicolas Montgermont) and Grenze (Patrick Fontana & Pierre-Yves
Fave & Emeric Aelters), an audiovisual journey through the book 'Das
Kapital' by Karl Marx. Pixelache 2006 also premieres Peurakaira vs.
Paatehakkuu by Kangastus collective (Finland), commenting the current
struggle between the forest industry and reindeer herding co-operatives in
Northern Finland. www.chdh.net

Pixelache 2006 is very happy to present a concert by Vladislav Delay, a
rare performance in his home country. Other music acts this year include
Aelters (France), Forss (Sweden) and several others. Full Pixelache
club/music program will be announced soon!

Experimental mobile / locative projects are presented in the context of
Locative media workshop: Rautatieasema returns, organised by Andrew
Paterson (Finland) & Meiju Niskala (Finland). The workshop brings together
a group of performance artists and artist/researchers interested in
mobile/locative media. The group will spend one week at the Helsinki
Railway station, beginning with 'something' which are placed in the
station lockers. The workshop process/results are summarised in public
events, featuring presentations by Ben Russell (www.headmap.org, UK),
Angela Piccini (University of Bristol, UK), Richard Widerberg (IMPROVe
project, University of Art and Design Helsinki) and many more.

Pixelache 2006 is also collaborating with Nokia Connect to Art and Sulake
Ltd. Nokia Connect to Art is an initiative by Nokia to explore the
possibilities to present art on mobile devices and Sulake is the company
behind the popular Habbo Hotel online chat environment. Pixelache presents
new work commissioned by Connect to Art (Jollaskoti project and a new
piece by Sari Kaasinen) and organises a special seminar on experimental
mobile projects. More information coming soon!

Dot Org Boom, the grassroot non-profit new media 'boom' has been the main
theme for Pixelache 2005 & 2006. Dot Org Boom theme is expored in Dot Org
Tournament organised by Kai Kuikkaniemi (HIIT, Finland) and Petri Lievonen
(Pixelache, Finland). Dot Org Tournament invites local multi-disciplinary
teams to participate in a competition where the task is to come up with an
innovative community concept within a 24-hour timeframe. The winner of the
Dot Org Tournament will be presented on the last day of the Pixelache

Open products and hardware concepts are explored in both Pixelache
Helsinki and Mal au Pixel Paris. Pixelache Helsinki features open game
platform TileToy (Daniel Blackburn & Tuomo Tammenpaa, UK + Finland), open
product code initiative ThingLinks (Jyri Engestrom & Ulla-Maaria Mutanen,
Finland) and a presentation of Orgsmobile showroom (Erik Sandelin & Magnus
Torstensson, Sweden). Orgsmobile is a project to build an 'open source
vehicle' which will be realised at Mal au Pixel in Paris.

Protolab is a presentation/discussion forum for new and on-going projects,
chosen from the annual Pixelache Call for Projects. The projects featured
in Protolab 2006 are: loopArena (Jens Wunderling, Germany),
Roermond-Ecke-Schonhauser (Markus Kison, Germany), Follow Machine 1.2
(Ruben Coen Cagli, Italy) and Midipoet (Eugenio Tisselli, Mexico/Spain).
More to be confirmed!

Pixelache 2006 Helsinki warm-up event: Pixelache 2006 Helsinki kicks off
with the opening of an exhibition by Kristian Simolin (Finland), organised
in collaboration with MUU artist association. Opening at 7 pm on Thursday
2 March at MUU Gallery!

More details about Pixelache program will be updated at www.pixelache.ac
during the next weeks, meanwhile if you have any questions please send an
e-mail to contact {{at}} pixelache.ac.

Looking forward to seeing you in Helsinki at Pixelache 2006! (and at Mal
au Pixel in Paris!)

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