Video-matic: VJ-machine as interactive art in public space.

Video-matic is an interactive video installation by Olga mink. This concept has been realised for a new Cultural Centre in Sint oedenrode (NL). The design of this installation is fully integrated with the architectonic functionality and aesthetics of this contemporary building.
The projection is visible every evening until 23.00 hrs.

Olga Mink developed this concept in an attempt to reinterpret perception of art in public space. Interactivity is a crucial part of this installation, and is accomplished via Internet and a touch-screen. The increased popularity of live visuals inspired her to put this new medium in a different context. Here the spectator is invited to take part in manipulating the output of the image. The creation of a real synergy between image, light and the spatial environment made this project even more of a challenge.

At semi-transparent glass, the projection is visible from both inside and outside the building. In the main hall a touch-screen can be controlled in order to manipulate the video-images. Worldwide access can be obtained via, and an online video-mix can be created to upload the results to Sint Oedenrode. An automated video database ensures an ongoing supply of images.

Olga mink ( is active as a VJ and media-artist in the Netherlands. She obtained her MFA at the Sandberg institute in Amsterdam. Faster than the speed of light she takes the audience to unexplored areas, and shows them her abstract visual landscapes and rhythmic image-architecture.

The technical part of the installation is realized by Jilt van Moorst . Van Moorst is software-developer and D/VJ. He graduated from the HKU, Media & Technology Faculty. He performs as Robotfunk and developed the VJ-tool called 'Flowmotion'.