Assisted Living - Call for Participants


Hi. I'm looking for collaborators (performers, sculptors, the a/v savvy, the paranoid) to join the crew of a new project taking the form of a scifi homemaking tv show, filmed before a live studio audience, June 1-15, 2008, at's New Life Berlin festival. More info is below. Please note that, while the official deadline is May 31st, we are looking at applications immediately. If you're in Berlin this summer, please consider joining us!

Apply here:

ASSISTED LIVING is a futuristic parody of Martha Stewart's American TV show focused on coping with the health & environmental challenges of living a life prolonged by technology. The hostess, Marisa Olson, will devise craft-projects and recipes for these 130-year-olds, taping the show on-site before a "live studio audience." (There will be one episode taped in each day of the festival, June 1-15.)

Technology might help us live longer, but it may also give us health challenges like Global Warming-Related Illnesses (GWI's) and radioactive growths, or lifestyle setbacks like high waterline stains on furniture and insomnia due to the extinction of animals whose sounds we once slept to. ASSISTED LIVING invites participants to travel 30 years into the near future, joining the live studio audience for daily tapings of the very first episodes of this TV phenomenon.

Anyone can join the audience of the show by arriving 30 minutes prior to each afternoon's "taping." You can also apply to go behind-the-scenes and join the crew of this show, as a production assistant, audio/visual coordinator, audience-coordinator, or propmaker. The crew and hostess will perform together to make the show's production process as transparent (if surreal) as possible, humorously blurring the lines between process and product.