Homage To Quan Âm by Maria Than: Artist & Curator Tour

  • Type: event
  • Location: arebyte, Java House, 7 Botanic Square, London City Island E14 0LG
  • Starts: Mar 30 2024 at 1:30PM
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Book your free ticket for a curated tour of arebyte's current exhibition: Homage To Quan Âm, by Maria Than. The tour lasts around 45 minutes and is led by arebyte curator Rebecca Edwards and artist Maria Than.


Homage To Quan Âm delves deep into the intricate layers of personal identity, cultural assimilation, and the evolution of self-discovery. Quan Âm, the Viet name of Bodhisattva (Buddhist deity) of Compassion, Mercy and Medicine, has been the favourite goddess of many, including Maria. Drawing inspiration from Maria’s own experiences growing up in a Vietnamese-British-French Buddhist family, the exhibition serves as a visual and emotional exploration of the complex journey away from refusal, and towards acceptance and understanding.


Homage To Quan Âm forms part of arebyte’s artistic focus for 2023/26 themed The Body, The Mind, The Soul and traverses buried childhood memories, mortality, and identity through animation, CGI, AI-generated imagery, interactive digital works and virtual reality to unfold a personal, but relatable, account of staying with the trouble of becoming. Homage To Quan Âm suggests an assimilation with other narratives through the lens of Buddhist philosophy, fostering personal connections that transcend cultural divides and resonate on a deeply human level.


Read more about the exhibition here. Following the opening, the exhibition is unticketed and runs from 29 March to 19 May, 1 - 6pm.