Dizzy Television is seeking submissions

Dizzy Magazine is SEEKING SUBMISSIONS for 2 special programs, curated by actor & transdisciplinary artist Bobbi Salvör Menuez, to air on the new live season of Dizzy TV! Submit to one or both of the programs below:

Program 1: HOME VIDEOS 📹 🤳
The home video as the ultimate personal history artifact, an imprint of memories framed in for intimate review & revisit. 16mm rolls, photobooth files, cameraphone clips, DV tapes, all forms are welcome, what makes your footage a “home video” is open to interpretation - it’s a feeling; of returning to self, private life, the editing of memory through nostalgia etc. 

Program 2: AUDITIONS, BTS & Research 🔬🎭
Auditions, behind the scenes (BTS) & research make up much of the unseen labor of the performer. In collecting personal audition tapes, BTS & research footage from performers and artists across a range of mediums, this program makes visible these essential parts of cultural production. Process focused and vulnerable, these forms of footage examine the more liminal spaces of pre-production, dislodging the value hierarchy of the final product.

Submit to: [email protected]
Deadline: October 25th
Specs: 5 mins max, mp4 or mov file