Jakub Jansa: "The Club of Opportunities" Film Screening

  • Type: event
  • Location: Anthology Film Archives 32 2nd Ave, New York
  • Starts: Oct 23 2023 at 7:00PM

Jakub Jansa

The Club of Opportunities

Film Screening

10/23 Mon, 7-9pm 

Anthology Film Archives

32 2nd Ave, New York


Welcome to the Club of Opportunities, a temporary new world in the middle of your brain. That's where your comfort zone hides.

The Club of Opportunities (2017-2023) is an episodic exhibition project created by artist Jakub Jansa, starring hybrid human-vegetable creatures who question authority and cultural and class relationships. The Club crosses the boundaries of genres, from drama to absurd comedy, and employs fiction, humour and grotesque elements to develop complex exhibition environments that tell stories about contemporary social struggles. Please accept our invitation to a screening of selected films starring The Overlooked Vegetable - The Celeriac, A-Class Vegetable - The Avocado, The Seer with no vision for the future and The Eccentric philosopher who brings ignored entities to the stage.