OPEN CALL - Digital Art / Net Art Wrong Biennale Pavilion

  • Location: online -
  • Deadline: Jul 1 2023 at 12:00PM

As part of the 2023-24 wrong biennale, Public Access Memories Gallery invites submissions for Fields of View, an exhibition that aims to reimagine the dimensionality of virtual space. Submissions will be accepted in any digital media format and will be exhibited within the HTML Gallery hosted by Public Access Memories.The primary channel for communication in many aspects of our contemporary reality is the flatscreen computer monitor; however, our perceptions of this technology are often altered by illusions of space that betray the conditions of its surface. At the two-dimensional level, scrolling and hyperlinking operate as methods of expanding the spatial boundaries of the screen into a dense, multidimensional experience. Three-dimensional projections push this expansion further, but rarely deviate from conventional systems of linear perspective. Within such conventions exist assumptions about the relationship between ourselves and the environments we inhabit that limit our potential scope of experience. Public Access Memories encourages submissions that break these conventions of virtual space, exploring fresh, inventive, and critical perspectives that open divergent fields of view.SubmissionsTo submit work, email publicac[email protected]:↳ file(s)↳ a brief statement↳ a brief bio