Rafael Lozano-Hemmer: TECHS-MECHS at Gray Area

Gray Area is pleased to present TECHS-MECHS, a unique survey of eleven works by renowned media artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Spanning immersive installations, kinetic sculptures, generative animations, and massive shadow theaters, the exhibition presents canonical works from the artist’s oeuvre alongside a rich chronology of technological cultural history in the artist’s native Mexico. Known for his large-scale critical, poetic, and participatory installations, Lozano-Hemmer incorporates a wide range of technologies—biometric sensors, surveillance cameras, artificial intelligence, custom software—often while subverting their intended use as military-derived tools of surveillance and control. The exhibition marks the West Coast premiere of “Pulse Topology” (2021), a monumental, participatory installation that represents the culmination of Lozano-Hemmer’s most celebrated series of works activated by the human pulse. Composed of three thousand suspended light bulbs, each glimmering to the heartbeat of a different participant, the installation creates an immersive chorus of light and sound.

The exhibition is free for residents of San Francisco’s Mission district.

Book Tickets: https://grayarea.org/techs-mechs