The No Storage Search Engine™

UnProductive Solutions is an artwork/curatorial project posing as an international holding company by artist Rebekah Modrak and curator Marialaura Ghidini. UnPro develops digital technologies designed to challenge the capitalist logic of hyper-efficiency. The project offers a critical perspective on technology and its impact on us as humans by investing in products and platforms that honour the irrationality of human emotions and the pleasures of idleness and fortuitous occurrences.


Over the course of ten weeks, UnProductive Solutions is launching five new technologies developed by "subsidiary companies.” Each company is an artistic project by an international artist invited to collaborate with us. This week, NO DATA INSTITUTE (founder, Tara Kelton — Bangalore, India) joins the UnPro portfolio of subsidiaries. From March 10 - March 19, their service —The No Storage Search Engine™ — will connect you with a human search agent who will provide a real-time response to your search request using their personal histories, knowledge, and physical surroundings. Escape your echo chamber with instant access to minds around the globe. No data is stored.