Unsound Festival - DADA + In(ter)ventions

AIAD has created an open call for a series for the music and performance program entitled In(ter)ventions, with four rules:


1. The in(ter)vention must last no longer than 12 minutes, and no less than 2 minutes.

2. The in(ter)vention will be placed on a night of other sound or music based shows, but the work does not need to consist of music or sound – although, of course, it can!

3. In some way, the work should somehow disrupt existing program formats.

4. An In(ter)vention can be proposed by an individual artist or a collective or a band.


Unsound is also accepting submissions to our discourse program, exploring or motivated by the spirit of Dada.


Submissions should be summarized in no more than 500 words, with links, and sent to [email protected] by 1st April, 2023. Please mark the category you are applying to: In(ter)ventions or Discourse. We will select 2 works submitted to each category, with a fee of 2500 PLN, travel and accommodation.