Aviv Benn: And The Sky Cast An Eye On This Marvellous Meat

  • Type: event
  • Location: Pi Artworks London. 55 Eastcastle st W1W 8EG
  • Starts: Mar 9 2023 at 12:00PM
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In her latest body of work, artist Aviv Benn creates a dreamlike world of grotesque creatures and outlandish nature. This solo exhibition invites viewers to enter this mysterious realm, with each painting functioning as a window into Benn's universe.


Much like sci-fi and fantasy storytelling the allegorical narrative in the artist's work features surreal and fictive scenarios, while remaining rooted in our current times. In the work, as in our dreams, we can recognise universal and archetypal imagery, however their juxtapositions and interpretations are indeterminate, inviting us as viewers to project our own meaning onto these paintings.