Where Am I? at Contemporary Cluster, Rome

  • Location:
    Contemporary Cluster, Palazzo Brancaccio, via Merulana 248, Rome, Italy

"Where Am I?" is a transmedia project by artist Rudy Paganini / forevermidi.com that manifests itself in virtual and real life environments, inviting the public to reflect on how attention and perception in the course of digital experiences contribute to determining what reality is, and what is our ultimate nature during such events.
Considering also the empirical observation of sensory responses, we ask ourselves about the ontological aspects of our activities through cyberspace and virtual reality.
The subject is a 3D sculpture corrupted through glitch art techniques (databending) to recall the possibility of systemic error and loss of information during the transit between different mediums, as well as the difficulty of objectively representing oneself in virtual environments.
The project, exhibited online at Wrong Biennale nº5 (2022) as a video streaming on web TV and in a virtual gallery, approaches Cluster’s postmodern physicality with a new version, on screening inside the personal, site specific installation within the Tube area.
Interactive options have also been implemented toward the sculpture, which can now be explored on visitors' devices by a QR code scan, ideally closing the transmedia circle.