VIRAL HUMAN. Public Art and Metaverse.

  • Location: VENICE. ITALY
  • Deadline: May 31 2023 at 12:04AM

From 17 July to 2 November 2023, the First Virtual Exhibition on the island of Venice will be staged in the virtual perimeter of the Island of Venice, as a sideline event to the Viral Human” art installation. This is a geolocalized (virtual) exhibition of international artists and musicians, carefully selected through a call for participation.
The purpose is to investigate the relationship between public art and the metaverse, exploiting immersive reality and a geolocalized map of the island of Venice through an app created for the event. This combination has been able to measure itself against the urban context, generating a hybrid-type visiting itinerary and exhibition space, halfway between the physical and the virtual. exhibition space, halfway between the physical and the virtual.
When filling out the entry form, entrants have the opportunity to identify on the map of Venice the exact point where they wish to stage their work (Sestiere, name of the Calle, Rio, Campo, or bridge). “Viral Human”. Viral. Expanding, spreading, disseminating, diffusing, cross-pollinating – actions conceived for artists and musicians who are the forerunners of our time, explorers of art 4.0, accomplices and advocates of change).
The second watchword, “Human,” enshrines the concept that, in the world, what makes human beings unique and at the same time brings them close is the singular and shared way of feeling existence, in the presence of which there is no ethnicity, no continent, no past or present. The human species responds to life cyclically and universally.