Call for Submissions for Exhibition: GUI/GOOEY

  • Location: Plexus Projects
  • Deadline: Dec 15 2022 at 1:12PM
International Open Call for Submissions:
Online Group Exhibition
Deadline: December 15, 2022

Plexus Projects (Brooklyn, NY) is now accepting submissions for “GUI/GOOEY”, an online exhibition exploring digital representations of the biological world. The exhibition will interrogate intersections of computational paradigms and organic forms. Artworks in any media will be considered.

– digital, computational, software, interfaces, menus, icons, cursors, tools, user settings, skeuomorphism, progress bars, crashes, glitches, memory, blockchain, crypto, ai, ones, zeros, bits, bytes
– biological, corporeal, fleshy, wet, oozing, slimy, dripping, viscous, sticky, syrupy, mucilaginous, glutinous, tacky, gummy, embodiment, materiality, tactility, seduction, repulsion, bits, bites

CURATOR: Laura Splan (