Amiss Collective Presents their project: Honey, I'm Home ;)

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Discover in exclusivity the architectural design project that draws attention to the domestic space.

What springs to mind when you think about the ‘domestic space’? For many, the solace of domestic spaces are better found online, where avatars transcend the limits of the human body and the possibilities of our surroundings become limitless. Amiss Collective challenges some presumptions with Honey, I’m Home.
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About the artists

Amiss Collective is an artist duo founded in 2021 composed of Raluca Moldoveanu and Alice Prum. The pair met while completing their Masters in Architecture at the Royal College of Art as part of ADS8: Data Matter, with Ippolito Pestellini, Kamil Hilmi Dalkir and Rhiarna Dhaliwal.

Raluca’s practice in regards to design as a catalyst for social cohesion, which can serve as a drive for new communal infrastructures. Her work is centred on visual arts and narrative, with an interest in film, exhibition design, interactive installations and digital technologies, addressing a concern for digitisation of physical processes.

Alice’s practice as a designer aims to unveil the invisible relationships between space, the body and technology. While at the Royal College of Art, she developed a sensibility for the corporeal experience of space, investigating the relationship between everyday movements and our environment. Her research is translated through a poetic narrative and visual imagery.