Latent Space: Curating GAN and AI-generated music and sound art

  • Deadline:
    May 31, 2021, 11:05 a.m.
  • Location:

Latent Space is an artist-run online exhibition and netlabel intended to curate, cultivate and preserve sound works that derive from GANs, Machine Learning, or other forms of today's AI. Sound art, experimental music, or works that maximize the distortions and logics of these technologies are preferred. They must be distributable as an MP3.

Just as past recording mediums have influenced the genres of their eras, from vinyl and hip hop to CDs and glitch, this project imagines that the limitations of today's technologies for generating music could be the building blocks of tomorrow's art forms. We aim for sounds that embrace the limits of this emerging form of generative media as they exist today, believing that these limits form the basis of tomorrow's sounds.

Selected artists receive free hosting for their sound files and access to a community of like-minded experimentalists. Additional benefits will be discussed with selected artists.

To submit, please send the following with your project name as the subject line to: --

* Your name, location and a short bio with links to most relevant websites / pages;
* A short (200-500 word) description of your process, with links to any additional writing on the work or adjacent to it;
* Links to the work, or past works, on SoundCloud or other hosting services if they exist, or private links to password-protected zip files with a password (GDrive preferred).

We are open to projects by musicians, artists and others who are interested in developing such works but have not found themselves with access to the necessary technology. If this is you, please include a very brief (for your sake) proposal for your project, describing what you might need to complete the project, and what experience you have with AI / GAN tools or music/sound art. ("No experience" is welcome). Please include a bio and links to any websites or other work.