• Type: event
  • Location: Brazil - online meeting at the FILEALIVE / ARQUIVOVIVO platform
  • Starts: Mar 29 2021 at 2:00PM
  • facebook link ↱
The FILEALIVE / ARQUIVOVIVO online meetings, to be held on March 29, 30 and 31, 2021, will include professionals and researchers dedicated to the areas of digital memory, cultural heritage preservation and information technology, present in six round tables, presenting case studies, examples of archives and conservation strategies for organizations that aim the free dissemination and protection of art and technology collections.

The event’s goal is to explore themes focused on the challenges imposed by the process of archiving media art, mapping and interconnecting metadata. Based on the results obtained at the meetings, a White Report will be produced and published containing the main reflections raised by the specialized professionals. Access will be free and the sessions will be broadcast live. To register and participate in the online meetings access the FILEALIVE / ARQUIVOVIVO platform.


Annet Dekker | UvA, LSBU
Bonnie Mitchell | BGSU, SIGGRAPH, ISEA
Christina Radner | Ars Electronica Linz
Dalton Martins | UnB
Érica Azzellini | Wiki Movimento Brasil
Gabriel Bevilacqua | JHU, ICOM Brasil,
Giselle Beiguelman | FAU-USP
Isabelle Arvers | Art Games World Tour
Janice Searleman | Clarkson University
Leno Veras | MAM Rio
Manuela Naveau | UfG, Ars Electronica Linz
Morgane Stricot | ZKM
Oliver Grau and Wendy Coones | Donau-Universität, ADA
Pablo Gobira | UEMG, UFMG
Paula Perissinotto | FILE FESTIVAL
Pieter Tjabbes | ArtUnlimited
Ricardo Dal Farra | Concordia University, CEIARTE-UNTREF
Solimán López | Harddiskmuseum, Updated Art Studio, ESAT LAB
Tamiko Thiel | Artista
Tania Aedo | UNAM
Tânia Rodrigues | Itaú Cultural
Wim van der Plas | ISEA


Magali Melleu Sehn
Rejane Cantoni
Silvia Laurentiz