NewMediaFest2020 - '11 - November edition

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    Cologne (Germany) Kolkata (India)

NewMediaFest2020 '11 - the 1st Corona Festival

1 November 2020 - launch of WOW Jubilee 2020 XI - the 11th festival edition

Hurray, the new festival edition is here, including new exiting features - Videoartist of the Month - Marcantonio Lunardi (feature on 2 November) - Netartist of the Month - Jürgen Trautwein aka jtwine (feature on 4 November), the successful Gandhi screening program continues at Birla Academy for Art and Culture in Kolkata, re-launch of 9th Cologne International Videoart Festival, launch of permanent darkrooms TAM (Torrance Art Museum) DarkRoom and Xteresa DarkRoom (Exteresa Arte Actual, the Museum for Experimental Art in Mexico City - hosted in 2011 CologneOFF MediaFest Mexico - including 26 exciting curated screening programs) and some other decisions directed to the Future- and, not to forget the changing screening programs on ALPHABET including special features during November as a month for commemorating (9 November- 1938/Night of Broken Glass - 1989/Fall of the Berlin Wall - 13 November - 2015/terror attack in Paris) and many more videoart, netart and soundart features on The 365 Days Diary.

02 November 2020
Marcantonio Lunardi - Videoartist of the Month November 2020
The solo feature, released today is covering 12 exciting video works created by this very talented Italian artist between 2011 and 2020 . The past decade seemed to offer the ideal conditions for videoartists, the previous 10 "Videoartists of the Month" on NewMediaFest2020 give evidence, as well. Marcantonio's audio-visual works are characterized by topics of the Current using a particular pictorial language combined with complementing musical estetics. The feature would like to express the thanks adressed to the artist for sharing his creative work - which is an inspiration not only for the viewer, but the entire art world. Read the complete article on - - This feature is complemented by the screening of the 48 minutes lasting solo video program on ALPHABET - Cinema H - - 02-30 November 2020.

26 December 2019 - 31 December 2020

ALPHABET @ The New Museum of Networked Art