The Future of Indeterminacy - Virtual Workshops and Artists Talks

Across November 2020 the University of Dundee's 'The Future of Indeterminacy: Datification, Memory, Bio-Politics' project will be hosting a series of virtual workshops and talks with world-leading artists and theorists. Bookings are now open – visit for more information. Workshop numbers are limited; artist talks are open to all.

6 November: join media artist Kuai Shen to artistically explore the world of army ants, and interdisciplinary scholars and practitioners Sha Xin Wei and Emiddio Vasquez to examine questions of indeterminacy, ontogenesis, and play.

12 November: join Glitch Art founder Jon Cates to ask how art can meet the challenges of our technological times, and conceptual artist, writer, and theorist Warren Neidich for an Activist Neuroaesthetic engagement with ‘The Brain without Organs: Art and Indeterminacy’.

20 November: join visual artist and researcher Rosa Menkman to explore different forms of impossible and possible images, and theorist and practitioner Btihaj Ajana to think about the viral politics of Covid-19.