Tusen Takk 2021 Artist Residency

  • Deadline:
    Aug. 15, 2020, 11:08 a.m.
  • Location:
    Leland, Michigan USA

Applications are now open to Tusen Takk's three- to twelve-week residences between the months of March and December 2021. The Foundation is seeking applications from artists with a range of backgrounds, emerging and established, in photography, printmaking, sculpture, painting, fiber arts, as well as writing and music composition.

Tusen Takk’s residencies are geared for accomplished artists to explore new ideas or expand current work that affirms and enriches the human spirit, giving form to chaos and perception to beauty. A residency is a time to create; it’s also a time for artists to consider how their work engages with the history of its medium and how it intersects with existential questions of meaning and purpose.

Located on an isolated peninsula in Northwest Michigan, the Tusen Takk Guesthouse and Studios provide artists an inspiring architectural space to both intensely focus on their work and pause to reflect on past and future directions. Highlights of the Studios include a fully equipped digital photography studio and analogue darkroom for making the finest photographic prints, an etching studio for printmaking (including photogravure), a wonderful 63” Glimakra Swedish floor loom, and a painting studio able to accommodate making large works, all in a modernist architectural space brilliantly designed by Peter Bohlin! In addition to housing with 24/7 studio access, artists are offered an honorarium of $625/week and arrangements can be made to use the Peckham Collection and Library as a resource. While in residence, artists are highly encouraged to give a workshop, studio visit, or a presentation or performance in collaboration with one of the Foundation’s partner organizations.