Cooler Gallery x Shell House Arts Sound Arts Residency

  • Deadline:
    April 27, 2020, 6:04 p.m.
  • Location:
    Roxbury, NY (Catskills Mountains)

“Music After Us”
July 25-August 9, 2020

Music is an ephemeral art. Recordings are not permanent and if not recorded, it is immediately here and gone. Music typically requires the musician to be present. But what happens after we are no longer here? The continued existence of human life on earth is not certain - in fact we may be perishing at our own hands - either by global warming, a contagion, or some other means. Is it possible to create music that will outlast us? Something that speaks to a larger set of ideals outside the frameworks of human society? Will the wind and the waves be the new musicians? Will the trees, insects, mushrooms, and mollusks be listening?

Musicians and sound artists are invited to create, compose, and imagine new works for 2-weeks in the Catskill mountains. The summer session creates space for connecting with nature, experimenting with new modes of working, and actively developing projects. The theming this session is “Music After Us” and artists are encouraged (but not required) to work together to dig deep on this theme and create new works.

Who is this for?
This free summer program is available to artists working in primarily audio mediums, but we are open to others who wish to dig into the theme. The multidisciplinary environment is designed to foster new connections and ideas, and the nature of the communal space makes it best suited for those who are excited to collaborate and connect over shared meals. Residents should have at least some physical component to how their work manifests or is performed (meaning, it is not purely digital). While most past residents have come from formal art backgrounds, we encourage musicians or creatives from professional fields looking to deepen a developed practice or specific project to apply.
By participating in the free program, residents agree to share artifacts or documentation of their project with Cooler Gallery and the Shell House for the purposes of documenting and sharing.

What's included?
• Free lodging. There are three private rooms and a shared loft equipped with comfortable necessities and desks. The property itself is 5 acres, including a large patio and lawn, as well as a small forested area in a remote area.
• Resources for connecting with the Catskills community, including farm or mycology tours, gallery exhibitions, and studio tours.
• Group critiques where participants are encouraged to discuss their work and share constructive feedback for others.
• Open House event where friends, family, and the local community are invited to join and enjoy the outputs from the summer program.
• Recording/Videography of the final projects at the end of the residency.

What's not included?
• Separate studio spaces.
• Materials and supplies.
• Unless otherwise mentioned on the schedule, residents are required to provide their own meals and drinks. There is a grocery store nearby.
• Transportation. The Shell House is approximately 3 hours from NYC and unfortunately not serviced by train. We will do our best to help you with arrangements however.

Applications are free. Residents are carefully selected based on the quality of their work, proposal, diversity considerations, and fit within the larger group. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and will work with selected residents to postpone the dates if it is not safe to proceed in July.