Estéticas Expandidas Art Residency _ OPEN CALL

  • Deadline:
    May 1, 9, 12:05 a.m.
  • Location:

Estéticas Expandidas lauches its call to be part of the Art Residency (Research and Creation) to be held between August 10th to 23th of 2020. Estéticas Expandidas Art Residency seeks to generate a space for dialogue between artists /
researchers in which for two weeks, their participants will reflect and create around the theme Transpoetic
The residence will take place in two locations, the first week will be held near the La Cocha Lagoon located
in the municipality of Pasto in the department of Nariño (Colombia), 30 minutes from the city. The second
week will be held in the City of Pasto, capital of the department and where are located the headquarters of
Expanded Aesthetics and the University of Nariño.
Although the research and creation processes can occur simultaneously and / or intercalary, the proposal of
this residence is to carry out an immersion and research in the environment in the first week. The lagoon of
the cocha and the sanctuary of flora and fauna (Island of the Corota) that is in her, are known locally for
being an energetic tributary that bathes the region; an environment conducive to introspection, reflection and
contemplation. In the second week, it will be deeply dedicated to the creation and production of works or
functional prototypes. The participants will have access to the workshops of the Faculty of Arts of the
University of Nariño and will have the necessary equipment to carry out their projects. The workshops
available within the university facilities are the following:
– Woodworking workshop
– Metalworking workshop
– Goldsmith workshop
– Photography workshop
– Engraving workshop
– Fablab of digital manufacturing
– Audiovisual edition studio