• Location:
    DE-CONSTRUKT Red Hook, Brooklyn NY

DE-CONSTRUKT studio in Red Hook Brooklyn invites creatives to join us for our monthly potluck style community dinner to share, inspire, and discuss. On September 29, we will be screening philosophical short films, hosted by our current studio assistant, Alexandra Banhazl.

Videos/films submitted must be under 15 minutes long. We encourage the experimental, work in progress, and new genre media.

Please send video link to

As usual, DIN DIN will serve as a space to share and discuss current inspirations, what you’re working on, and opportunities.

This month, guests are also encouraged to participate in philosophical discussion about the experimental short films we will be screening.

We invite all experimental filmmakers and video artists to submit their philosophical short film. The artist is invited to screen their film at DIN DIN located at DE-CONSTRUKT studio.

Join us for a night of philosophy and experimental short films where the lines of genre and theory, experience and knowledge, blur to become a spiral of connection and energy.

DE-CONSTRUKT develops projects with local and international artists that support the cross-pollination of ideas and experimentation among culturally diverse artists and audiences. Our interest is in the process rather than the final outcomes.

Alexandra Banhazl is an audiovisual artist whose works live in abstract,symbolic, and surreal worlds. The viewer is invited to experience and to feelthe atmosphere within the video composed of multi-referential symbols andmetaphors dealing with her experience of the layers of perception.