Particule Pavilion @ the Wrong Biennale

  • Deadline:
    Aug. 30, 2019, 11:59 p.m.
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Particles are the 21st century’s unit of measurement. From Higgs’ boson to modal particle, this element tackles the physical, societal, environmental and cultural spheres of our daily lives. It constructs not only the objects that surround us, but also the social status of an individual by adding it to a family name, for example. By witnessing it empirically or within its digital equivalent, the pixel, the particle is what forms the basis of our technological societies.

But a particle finds its weight only through interacting with its surroundings. No stories can be told in one word, no image is made in one pixel. This exchange, may it be attracting or repelling, collaborative or producing singularities, is therefore an important iteration of social ebullition which happens simultaneously among thousand others. Particles are the burgeoning of diverse information that continuously are being created. It is only when we gather and group such chaotic occurrences that we will be able to understand the culture we make. Therefore the only possible option for us, who want to take the pulse of our environment, is to reframe these processes so as to single out meanings.

We believe that it is by taking the artist, or rather artists, that we will be able to succeed in this endeavor. They are lonely elements within their production, but always taking inspiration from their surroundings, in a constant shift between one and the other. Internet, this canvas with an ever-growing memory, is filled with corners where these artistic particles, even if they are more and more in link with each other, are experimenting in small groups. Sometimes in harmony with its peers, sometimes confronting them, the digital artist is also coexisting with, but more importantly being the antithesis of spams, shitposting, diet pills, erection pills, and phishing scams that inundate our technological landscape.

It is therefore our duty to gather these practices in symbiosis, to put together these cultural particles and to see where we are, and where we’re going.

Because all these practices define us.

**Please note that this pavilion is open to everyone, and we specially invite people of underrepresented communities to send their application**


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Deadline: 30th of August 2019 23h59 (EST)

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