Call for Applications: Special 1-Week Programs for Artists and Activists in Berlin

  • Deadline:
    Aug. 5, 2019, 11:08 a.m.
  • Location:
    School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe ACUD, Veteranenstraße 21 10119 Berlin Germany

As part of our five-year anniversary, this August and September we have two special one-week programs on Money and Evidence aimed at artists and activists. These are two topics that we feel are vital for society at large, so we decided to make these programs as accessible as possible.

In our Money program, we'll discuss the general history of money and economies, the current state of worldwide financial systems, practical knowledge of money laundering, tax evasion, debt, and the inner workings of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The class will include playful yet earnest experiments in financial co-creation: we will work on concepts and prototypes for basic income, token systems, and community currencies.

In our Evidence program, we'll delve into the topic of citizen forensics and take a deeper look into projects that have stemmed from a new movement of citizens taking action in the name of justice and human rights. From Forensic Architecture to VFRAME and Tactical Technology Collective, we’ll learn how to gather information and use critical techniques for safely navigating and investigating the world.

As part of each program, we will require participants to write at least one page on a topic of their choosing about the material presented in the program. This writing is to be submitted one month after the program ends. We will then compile these writings and make them available to the public.

This is an experimental format for us but if all goes well we hope to repeat it and offer two one-week programs per year focused on critical tools for artists and activists.

Apply now at! Women and persons from lgbtq+ and other under-represented communities in the arts and tech field highly encouraged to apply!