Programming Workshop Leader

  • Location: Stony Brook, NY
  • Deadline: Jan 30 2018 at 10:01AM

Who: Instructor(s) who can teach a 2-3 hour intro to programming workshop for graduate students in the arts and humanities.

Goal: Introduce graduate students in the arts and humanities to coding through a hands-on workshop. It should not be thought of a strictly in terms of a lecture or seminar.

Language: No programming language or environment will be preferred over another. Creative coding projects and historical coding languages are also welcome!

Size: 10 - 15 students

Stipend: There is a stipend ($150+) for teaching the workshop. If more than one instructor, or, say, an instructor and an assistant are necessary, that can be arranged as well.

Date: Saturday, February 17 at Stony Brook University (in Stony Brook, New York), to be held during the Hack@CEWIT 2018: IoT and Security.

Possible Workshop Topics
- Working with data in Python (would be useful for graduate research to learn how to retrieve and search for API data)
- Lower-level languages (the workshop could be about how to talk to your computer/does not need to be web-based)
- Any type of interactive/creative projects that instructors may have in mind (art-related projects are a plus)
- Security (in keeping with the theme of this year's hackathon)
- The specific topic is open, so as to encourage instructors with a variety of interests and specializations.

If you're interested, please send an email to Corinna Kirsch ([email protected]) for more details. Transportation from the New York City metro area is not provided, although reimbursement can be arranged. Ideally, I would like to fill the position(s) no later than January 26. Thanks!