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ruccas.org: Calling All Unconventional Computer Music Artists

Ruccas.org is launching on August 1st. It is a web site designed to provide exposure exclusively to computer artists creating music via unconventional means. It aims to be an important site in the world of computer music.

Ruccas.org is requesting submissions of unconventional computer music and related articles. Such music can be created via algorithmic or generative means, databending, experimental gestural controllers, et cetera. Ruccas.org will accept music for inclusion on the site from all computer-based artists that make use of unconventional methods such as the ones above.

Artists who submit materials retain all rights. Ruccas.org is non-exclusive, meaning you are free to submit your work to any other website, label, or project of any kind. You retain complete ownership of your works, and can have them removed from the site at any time.

There is no deadline for submissions, but it is best to have as many works as possible available to people when the site opens.

Please visit www.ruccas.org for submission information and other details.