Different Rhythms - 8th international FKL symposium on soundscape

  • Deadline:
    April 30, 2017, 3:05 p.m.
  • Location:
    Cagliari Sardinia Italy

FKL and TiConZero/SIGNAL festival invite you to present theoretical papers and musical works related to the theme of the soundscape for the eighth symposium of Forum Klanglandschaft which will take place at Il Ghetto Centro d’Arte e Cultura, in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, from September 27 to September 30, 2017.

The conference is organized jointly by the two organizations and offers the opportunity to present papers, musical works, installations and videos.

For FKL’s biannual international meeting next September we invite researchers, musicians, artists, educators, and all other persons active in the field to participate in a theoretical and artistic reflection on the topic of rhythm and its relation to the soundscape.
The soundscape shows an extremely wide variety of rhythms arising from different sound events, fast or slow rhythms, rhythms that accelerate, that remain constant, that are irregular, that slow down, that disappear and come back, superimposed on each other. Even a sound event heard only once may suggest and idea or hypothesis of rhythm as an event that in our life divides a before and an after.
What are the rhythms that characterize our soundscape, that have characterized soundscapes of the past, that may characterize soundscapes of the future? In which ways these rhythms are linked to our lives, our memories, our imagination, our knowledge, our emotions? What are the spaces and actors, the elements involved in the appearance of particular rhythms? What may we understand of the presence of these rhythms, what can they teach us, are we able to discover new ones? Which musics, which images, which architectures, which forms of behavior are influenced by the rhythms of the soundscape? Which kinds of territory, of cities, of natural and built environments let certain rhythms and durations appear in the soundscape?
The answers to these questions have inevitably to do with the complex relation between acoustic perception and its elaboration in an organized scheme. This complexity and organization bring forth thoughts, a drive for understanding and the rise of new questions directed to us and to our listening.

Read more on http://www.paesaggiosonoro.it/differentrhythms/


There will be theoretical sessions for papers of max. 20 minutes. If you want to propose a paper send an abstract (max. 3000 characters) and a brief CV (max. 1500 characters), using the form to be found here.

There will be a stereo system and a video projector available.


Send a brief description of the work (max 3000 characters) and a brief CV (max 1500 characters) using the form to be found here.

Furthermore a stereo recording for evaluation has to be sent exclusively in .wav or .aif format (16 bit e 44.1 KHz) in a zip file which has to contain also a copy of the description and the CV to:
convegno2017@paesaggiosonoro.it, via Wetransfer or similar systems.

In the name of the file the name of the composer, preceded by “FKL2017.soundwork” has to appear (FKL2017.soundwork.name_of_the_composer.zip).
The proposed work should have a max length of 10’, it can be of a purely acousmatic nature or include a small number of live performers who have to be brought along by the composer.
Stereo and quad presentations are possible.

Sound installations and video

Send a brief description of the work (max 3000 characters) and a brief CV (max 1500 characters) using the form to be found here.

Send also a documentation file which should contain photos or drawings of the installation, explain exactly the working of the installation, specify the necessary technical data, space and other requirements.
The documentation file with attachments (films, audio files, etc.) has to be sent exclusively in one zip file to: convegno2017@paesaggiosonoro.it, via Wetransfer or similar systems.
In the name of the file the name of the author, preceded by “FKL2017.installation-video” has to appear (FKL2017. installation-video.name_of_the_author.zip).

The installations will be hosted in Il Ghetto Centro d’arte e Cultura.

At the page SPACES you'll can see the pictures of the Ghetto and a map with the spaces that, for the moment, are destined to the various initiatives of the symposium.

It is extremely difficult to transport materials inside Il Ghetto. Therefore you are asked to indicate AS PRECISELY AS POSSIBLE all the technical, spatial and logistic requirements for the installation and to specify what you will bring along yourself and what should be provided by FKL. A film or a video simulation of the installation would be welcome.

The deadline for the presentation of proposals is April 30, 2017

The scientific-artistic selection committee will consist of members of FKL and TiConZero and choose the papers, musical works, installations and videos to be presented at the symposium.

The list of the selected works will be published within May 30, 2017

Please be advised that for the presentation of an accepted paper the author must be or become a member of FKL.
Modalities and membership fees can be found at

The organization will not pay for travel, lodging and food expenses. A list of low-price hotels will be published on the website. We will gladly supply letters of confirmation for your applications for financial support.

For infos and details write to: