October's Cyber-Screening @ The Unstitute + Open Submissions


Alex Hovet:
Counter Charge

15/10/16 - 15/11/16
This month we are proud to present the excellent 'Counter Charge' by New York-based artist Alex Hovet. Exploring the world of late 80's video game 'Leisure Suit Larry' through prosaic disruptions, Hovet interrupts the misogynistic, hetero-normative constructs of the game as we follow Larry through a complex of libido, love, and gender expression.

Watch Now: http://theunstitute.org/Projection.Room.html


Open Submissions
The Unstitute invites submissions for these projects:

The Projection Room: monthly feature screenings

UNdiscriminate: a digital encampment of ideas

Vidiot: a place for watching and being watched

Spatio-Mnemonic: take up a virtual residency

We aim to process applications within two to three weeks of receipt, internet permitting.