Call for Artists: A4 O2O Project [Exhibition and Publication]: Open to Instruction-based Art

  • Location: CICA Museum
  • Deadline: Sep 19 2016 at 12:09AM
CICA Museum invites artists to submit instruction-based works for consideration for the publication and exhibition at CICA Museum. The selected works will be featured in the series eBook “A4 O2O Art #1” and the exhibition “Art O2O Show Fall 2016.” The documentation of works will be archived on the project website ( We are open to instruction-based digital art, process art, and game art, or non-digital works utilizing A4 paper and a printer.

About A4 O2O Project:
Instruction-based art can be traced back to Conceptual Art in the 1960s, including Yoko Ono’s instruction paintings, Alan Kaprow’s happening scores, and Sol Lewitt’s wall drawings. Now, in our digital age, instructions have become the fundamental structures of our systems: a chain of commands is instantly produced, and it becomes visible, tactile, and ubiquitous. We aim to be an O2O (Online to Offline) system that can produce “instructions” as art and make them come alive in our online and offline spaces.

Project Website:

[Publication] Series Book “A4 O2O Art #1”
The book “A4 O2O Art #1” will be published as an eBook. The eBook will be available via Amazon.

[Exhibition] A4 O2O Show Fall 2016
Selected works will be installed by our curators and assistants.

–Digital works (video, interactive, or image files) that are exhibited through electronic devices.

***We will provide projectors and DVD/DIVX players for the show. Multiple single-channel works will be screened through a projector. Our curators & assistants will install your work(s) according to your installation guidelines. If the work is required to be screened through a projector exclusively, or more than two projectors/monitors are needed, please contact us at “[email protected].” Additional fees may apply.

–Non-digital works utilizing A4 papers, a printer, and a stapler (to post papers on the walls).

***Additional fees may apply if other materials or extra labor are required for the work. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this.

* Schedule:
September 19, 2016 Close Submissions
September 25 – 30, 2016 Approvals: Selected artists will be notified by email.
November 4– 20, 2016 Exhibition “A4 O2O Show Fall 2016”
January 12, 2017 Expected publication date of “A4 O2O Art #1”

***The dates are subject to change.

* How to submit:
– Please email your instruction-based art and bio to “[email protected].”
— Format: a DOC (.doc or .docx) or a PDF file
— Length of text: 200-2000 words
— Images: 2-10 images (optional).

– Please write “Submission: A4 O2O Project – Category – Artist Name” in the subject line of your email.

If the artist’s work is selected, s/he will be required to pay a $65 maintenance & processing fee for each work.

We look forward to the participation of creative artists. Please email “[email protected]” for any inquiries.